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Up for Adoption: Petunia

Updated: Jan 4, 2021


Meet Petunia a 6yr old female Rottweiler/Akita/Chow mix. She is an owner surrender due to her slightly tearing the ear of a dog sibling due to the younger one posing play and challenge to her. Petunia was rescued about 5yrs ago. She was adopted from a shelter in Reno and has now found her way to Las Vegas. Petunia has now been around our fosters pack of small/large dogs and has not shown any signs of aggression. Her personality has now come out a bit more. She is definitely great motivated and will now show signs of affection. When Petunia first arrived. She would only lay on her bed or go straight outside to potty. Now she is excited when her foster arrives home every time. Petunia's little nub of a tail wiggles at least 40mph LOL

Interested in meeting Petunia to make her a part of your forever family? Fill out an application at by clicking on the FORMS tab. If you would like to make a difference in a Rottweilers life you can Adopt, Foster, Volunteer or Donate through our website thank you all for your shares and support. ROLV greatly appreciates you all.


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Unknown member
Nov 23, 2020

Thank you very much! Great with all humans. Such a loving girl.


Joel Rios
Joel Rios
Nov 23, 2020

Nice. She's so pretty.

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