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The forms

Welcome to our forms page, where your journey to welcoming a new furry family member begins! Before diving into the adoption process, please note that a home and vet check are crucial steps for every potential adoption, with fees ranging from $350 to $450, unless specified otherwise by ROLV.

Our adoption contract is thorough by design. We view each rescue dog as part of our extended family and are committed to ensuring they find just the right home. This application is a pivotal part of our process, necessary for all meet-and-greets, helping us gauge the suitability of your home for our rescue.

By proceeding with this adoption application, you're agreeing to:

  • Provide comprehensive care, including quality food, shelter, medical treatment, and annual vaccinations.

  • Maintain identification and proper licensing as per local laws.

  • Ensure the dog is always under control and never chained or left primarily outdoors.

  • Offer indoor living, acknowledging the dog as a family member.

  • Prepare for and patiently address adjustment behaviors (like house-training issues).

  • Safely transport the dog in an enclosed vehicle.

  • Promptly report if the dog is lost, understanding the implications of failing to do so.

  • Accept the adopted dog as-is, acknowledging ROLV’s no-liability clause for the dog's health, behavior, or any damages caused post-adoption.

  • Commit to not surrendering the dog to a public shelter; instead, returning it to ROLV if rehoming is necessary.

ROLV retains the right to ensure these conditions are met, with the possibility of reclaiming the dog if standards aren't maintained. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find the adoption contract ready for your signature, a crucial step in bringing your new companion home.

Should you have questions or need more details, don't hesitate to contact us. Let’s make a difference together, one Rottweiler at a time.

ROLV Volunteer Application Form
What are you interested in supporting ROLV (You can choose more than one)
Choose an option that best describes your property
Choose an option that best describes your property
Will you commit to this pet for it’s lifetime despite changes in your life?
If you had to move, you would...
What would cause you to return this pet?

Thank you for filling out that long form. We appreciate your interest and dedication to filling out the form to evaluate the best possible opportunity for the dog and yourself. We will be in contact with you shortly through your preferred method with a follow up. If you require a quicker response, please visit and visit our Contact Us page for quick contact methods.

Thank you!
RottsofLV Staff

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