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Vinny is up for Adoption!

***UP FOR ADOPTION*** Meet Vinny! A 1½ yr old Male Rottweiler. 95lbs of muscle. Loves any outdoor activity! Long walks, hikes, playing ball, tug of war, and playing in the water. Vinny is a loving dog that does best with adults or older kids. Enjoys chewing on deer antlers or any similar treat. Potty trained, kennel trained, up to date on all shots, and neutered. Gets along with other dogs with proper introduction. Knows basic commands like sit, lay down, and shake. Has been in training but needs someone to be dedicated that will continue training. If you would like to make Vinny a part of your forever family. Please fill out an application for adoption at ROTTSOFLV.COM click on the menu bar. Click on Forms. Click on Adoption Application and fill it out completely.

*Meet & Greets will be Friday January 21st 2022 starting at 3pm. *Please fill out application to receive address for meet up and further details.

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