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Please Donate towards Caesar's double ear infection and flesh eating bacteria!

***DONATE Please***

Caesar is an owner surrender due to moving. However, when we met him, he only had a minor ear infection and bandaged up around his head to cover his left ear. That's when we can tell it was more than just an ear infection. We immediately took Caesar to our Vet. After taking care of his health, his vet bill was $1,000+ for a double ear infection, bacteria eating his flesh on his cheek, 3 medicatios & medical ointment to repair hair and skin ROLV asked owners for any medical history & was given a stack of papers that indicated he's had this ear infection since Sept 3rd, 2022. 8 months of this torture! We were just astonished at the negligence Caesar has been through. Please #Donate through Zelle at OR to help our boy Caesar! Thank you all for your support #Rottweiler #Rottie #Rottweilers #Rotties #supportROLV #adoptdontshop #Foster #Volunteer #Adopt

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