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Donate towards Lola's veterinary bill. Thank you!

***Please Donate***

Lola is a 10 month old female Rottweiler owner surrender. We took care of her spay, vaccinations & microchip. Lola is super sweet & affectionate. We have an amazing foster who's doing above and beyond in fostering our rotties.

If anyone would like to Donate towards Lola's $420 vet bill, you can support her through our Zelle by using our email or through our Website you can click on PayPal or CashApp. Thank you all for your support & shares. ROLV can't do it without you.

Become a Foster if interested at Click on the menu bar. Click on Forms. Fill it out completely. Get a response. Get ready to Foster a Rottweiler! #Rottweiler #Rottie #Rottweilers #Rotties #supportROLV #Donate #Foster #Volunteer #adoptdontshop

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