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Amazon Donations Are In!

All Donations have been received! Let's give a huge shout out to Julie, Adam, Athan, Gary S, Stacy S, Susan M, Missi, Kimberly L, Kris L, Jill K & Bobbi T. for their donation to our rescue for our Rottweilers! This means so much to us. Thank you for your support. Our Rotties love you for keeping their bellies full of food.

If you would like to donate to our rescue here is our Amazon link. 👇👇👇

Thank you everyone for your help. We need donation items to keep saving Rottweilers that need a second chance. Address in comments. Also cash donations through our website at Thank you to our amazing Community for supporting their local Rottweiler rescue. #rottweilers #rotties #donate #donations #makeadifference

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