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Vinny is up for Adoption!


Vinny is a 2½ yr old male Rottweiler. He's neutered, up to date on vaccinations and microchipped. Vinny was surrendered due to resource guarding a sock in his kennel and snapped at the owners thumb as they were attempting to remove it. The family knew about his resource guarding and still went about it the way they did. He's a sweet guy in the home even though some animals intrigue him on the T.V. Vinny is good on walks but reactive towards rabbits, cats and dogs trying to get aggressive with him. Vinny is good only with passive dogs that pose no challenge. He's great with adults and older kids. Vinny loves to play fetch and tug of war. He just needs a disciplined owner. He's been on walks, with our trainers dogs, in a kennel as dogs pass him and no reaction. We're just really disciplined with Vinny so he doesn't act up again. If you are interested in meeting our boy Vinny and giving him a chance please fill out an application for adoption at Click on the menu bar. Click on Forms and fill it out completely. This way you can recieve a date and time to meet Vinny. Thank you everyone for your shares and support. If you cannot Adopt please Donate through our website to support one of our Rotties! #rottweiler #rottie #rottweilers #rotties #Adopt #Foster #Volunteer #Donate

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