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Please Donate for Rogue's Cherry eye surgery!

***Please Help & DONATE***

Meet Rogue and Max#3! ( Not up for adoption yet) They're 2½yr old German Rottweiler brothers from the same litter. They're an owner surrender due to owners child having allergies and moving back to the East Coast. Rogue has double cherry eye and Max#3 has a double ear infection. Both going to the vet this Sunday for both procedures to being taken care of. ROLV needs your help with the medical for these handsome boys. Please click on the DONATE button at or on our Facebook post. The last pic of the estimate, their quote was just given off the first dog on our account. Which was Alden who was adopted out already. Just FYI. Thank you everyone for your support! #rottweiler #rottie #rottweilers #rotties #Donate #Support #savearottie

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