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Myron is up for Adoption!


Meet Myron a 3yr old neutered, vaccinated, chipped male Rottweiler. Great with all dogs and humans. However he hates fireworks and vacuums. He is an owner surrender due to getting aggressive with the vacuum and when their 10yr old son grabbed him to pull him back Myron nipped and left one tooth puncture on the forearm. So no kids just to be safe. We will post a video of Myron in Daycare on our story. If you would like to meet Myron to potentially adopt him into your family please fill out an application for adoption at Click on the menu bar. Click on Forms. Click on Adoption Application. Fill it out and make sure to submit it correctly.

Meet and greets will be Friday 9/3 starting at 6:30pm. ROLV looks forward to meeting you. #adoptdontshop #rottweiler #rottie #rottweilers #rotties #Adopt #Foster #donatetorescue

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