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Lilo just rescued from the Animal Foundation

Lilo is a 3½yr old female Rottweiler. She was turned in to the shelter due to her family going through a divorce. ROLV had met her prior to pick up and she is just the sweetest girl and so grateful to be out of the shelter. She is going to be with a foster and we will post when she's ready to be adopted. Please donate through our website. ROTTSOFLV.COM Lilo has an ear infection and a slight cough that is left up to us to heal her. She went to our vet and recieved medical treatment and should be healing within days. Thank you everyone for your support and shares. ROLV greatly appreciates you! Check us out Facebook or Instagram for a short video. #Rottweiler#Roteiler #rottie #rottweilers #rotties #Rescue #Donate #Foster #Volunteer #Adopt

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