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Forest is walking!

***UPDATE on Forest***

Forest is standing & walking ladies and gentlemen! Forest after a couple of weeks of hydrotherapy, laser treatment to get blood circulation through his leg and massages with ointments he is finally walking! X-rays show no fractures or breaks. Our vet ruled out JLPP and was letting us know his tail was docked horribly. There's nerves everywhere and some times it can create a temporary paralysis or even sometimes permanent. In this case for our boy Forest. He is coming out with just a slight limp now on his left hind leg. Vet also said someone could have dropped Forest as well when he was a new born. After a couple of weeks we are happy with the vet team making Forest feel better and to our amazing Fosters! thank you to all of our supporters who helped with Forest's medical. It means the world to ROLV and especially Forest.

P.S. Video of forest in our story! Take a look.

If you would like to make a difference in a Rottweilers life please donate at thank you. #rottweiler #rottie #rottweilers #rotties #puppy

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