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Draco is up for Adoption!

Draco is up for adoption! This Sunday, 3/17 at 1pm. Draco is great with everyone but a little shy with todldlers. Good with other dogs with proper introduction. He loves to play fetch, but you will need another ball for him to drop the one he has. He has been a backyard dog for 2yrs out of his 3yrs of living and will need to be potty trained. Draco should be better now after he's been neutered.

If you're interested in adopting this big guy. Please fill out an application for adoption at Click on our Menu bar. Click on Forms. Scroll up and fill out the application and submit. We will send you the location and your time slot to meet our boy Draco and our president of the rescue. If you can not adopt, please donate to our rescue through our website. Thank you all for your shares and support! We can't donit without you all! #Rottweiler #Rottie #Rottweilers #Rotties #adoptdontshop #Adopt #Foster #Volunteer #Donate

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