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3 two month old Rottweiler Shepherd mixes up for Adoption!


We have 3 two month old amazing Rottweiler Shepherd mixes. 2 males 1 female. The mom and 3 puppies were dumped on a property over a short gate/ wall over a month ago. All dogs have been vaccinated and dewormed. The mom is staying with our foster and the 3 puppies are ready to find a Foster to Adopt.

Meet and Greets are this Wednesday 8/16 starting at 7pm. Serious Adopters. Please fill out an application for adoption at Click on our Menu bar. Click on Forms. Fill it out completely and submit it. You'll receive an email and once confirmed you'll receive the address of the Meet and Greets. Thank you all for your support and shares. #Rottweiler #Rottie #Rottweilers #Rotties #supportROLV #adoptdontshop #Adopt #Donate #Foster #Volunteer

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